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01 Who we are

The blinds is one of a kind in the market as it is designed and manufactured in Korea with 20 years of experience. 
Check out our rates and designs and be ready to experience a whole new atmosphere just by changing the blinds!

Factory Direct
     Our blinds are designed and made in Korea. We have it delivered directly from the factory guaranteeing 2 weeks time from order to installation not to mention great quality. 

Delivered and Installed
     From the time you place your order
until the installation is to complete our process takes less than 2 weeks. Unlike other manufacturers that takes 4 to 5 weeks, we manufacture our blinds in Korea and fly it into Canada, Plus our trained expert staff can cut the time to craft and install your blinds. 

Customer Service
     We believe our Customer Service makes a huge difference to our customers.  We start by touring your home or office, giving us a good understanding on how to best address your needs and, at the same time, add design and value to your home.



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Complimentary in-home quotation 

Cell:   236.788.4494 (Will)


         Showroom: 3260 Viking way Richmond BC, Canada

(By appointment only)

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